About Us

12 ヶ月の誕生石がモチーフの光を集めるカットにこだわったバースデーサンダル


Starting in 2012 Soleil by Puptier began with the purpose of bringing beach fashion with a touch of glamour to the city.
Our goal - to make women brighten up city life and shine like the sun.
Our Birthday stone beach sandals are a perfect combination of beach sandal comfort and personalized birth stone sophistication.

Our 2019 collection has two different models including basic beige and Black EVA wedge sole and the new middle sole bodies. These beautiful soles are adorned with delicate chestnut shaped, diamond cut birthstones set in 24 carat gold clasps.

The large Diamond style cut birthstones are all hand crafted by Japanese master craftsmen and set in 24 carat gold clasps. With an upgrade in the body material these sandals are the height of beach comfort with city glamour and can be worn in any situation from the casual summer BBQ to the most sophisticated evening out.

All twelve birthstones are represented and allow a unique level of personalization that reflects not only your birthday but your own personal style.