About Us

フランス語で‘太陽’と‘ひまわり’を意味するsoleil (ソレイユ)


Soleil by Puptier began with the purpose of bringing beach fashion with a touch of glamour to the city.
Our Birthday stone beach sandals are a perfect combination of beach sandal comfort
and personalized birth stone sophistication.
Our products are made in Taiwan of the factory.
When I moved to Taiwan in 2008, the kindness of the Taiwanese people helped me a lot in settling in.
The following year, when the Great East Japan Earthquake shook the world,
I was very moved by Taiwan’s quick and generous response.
This experience made me rethink what was important in my life
and I realized how much I valued my connection with the Taiwanese people.
By chance, I visited a small factory in the middle of Taiwan
where I found out that the Taiwan beach sandals market is prospering.
This discovery inspired me to try something new.
We were passionate about the challenge and spent many hours discussing our new product.
And finally we developed the Jewelry Sandal which is both practical and feminine.

My dream is that my business will become a bridge between our 2 nations
so that we never forget the gratitude that Japan owes to Taiwan for their generosity.